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Clevo Starnote 98 IPC Archtec CMOS battery replacement

Four years after the purchase the CMOS battery of the Starnote's is getting empty. Symptoms:
  • Back screen after trying to switch on
  • The "water tap" is only showing one stream
  • Switching on only possible after several tries
  • Date and time are wrong

Unfortunately the CMOS batter is soldered to the board and it needs some experience to replace it without damaging the rest. So we assume no responsibility for anything you may do when following this short guide :-).


  • Get a new battery: CR2032, if possible with solder connectors
  • Open the laptop according to the information at this website and the pictures below. The battery is below the CD-ROM
  • If the battery has no solder connectors, it's a good idea to use some sandpaper to rough up the battery surface before soldering
  • You may want to ask an experienced friend for help. Good luck anyway.

DCP05165_640.JPG DCP05166_640.JPG DCP05167_640.JPG
DCP05168_640.JPG DCP05170_640.JPG DCP05171_640.JPG



Thanks to Michael Weber and Helge Böhme for the original guide, and special thanks to rupp.de for the german version.