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Here you can find answers to some questions. I will also try to summarize the problems from the Laptop-Forum. This is just a start. I don't have the time to describe everything in detail (and I don't want to rewrite manuals). If anybody out there has something to add, so please send me an e-mail and this FAQ will grow...hopefully... And of course, if you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to ask. Use the Laptop-Forum. I will include the interesting stuff here ASAP.


Q: I removed all screws and tried to open the IPC-laptop, but something in the middle seems to prevent this.
A: You have to remove the keyboard first. There are 2 small plastic snap-in's at the lower left and right side. Push them down towards to you with a screwdriver or something similar, then you can clap the keyboard up in direction to the display and remove it. Take care of any cables. Below the keyboard there is a cooling plate. Remove the screws and the plate (side-effect: you have access to the DIP-switches for voltage and frequency). Now it should be possible to open the notebook (there are also snap-in's around it).


Q: I used the great 98lite-utility to install my Windows98 without the Internet Explorer, but now I have problems with the HTML-help feature. Everytime I try to use it I get a stupid dialog-box asking me if I want to open or save the document...
A: Well, the solution is quite simple. Unfortunately you have deleted some registry entries too much. I found out, which were needed by my installation. You can find the helpful entries in a reg-file here. Please download and rename it to html_help.reg. Next click on it and it will repair your entries (hopefully). Please give me a response, if this worked for you.


Q: My Linux-installation is o.k., but X-Window is not working.
A: You need at least an X-Server XF86_SVGA in version 3.3.3. It will provide support for almost all actual notebook display adapters (see Software).
Q: Linux is working fine, but I can't use sound.
A: If you are using a kernel with version 2.2.x you can use the included sound-driver modules. The Yamaha-SA3x supports SoundBlaster Pro- and MS Windows Sound System-Mode. The WSS-Mode gives better results. For the configuration you should read the documentation of the sound modules. Additionally here are two configuration files for a WSS setup working for me: isapnp.conf and conf.modules
A second and succesful way for older Linux distributions like SuSE 5.3 is to use the ALSA sound modules. RTFM!