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deutsch Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen! Hier finden Sie die neuen Laptop-Seiten. Allzeit bereit mit Neuem, Wissenswertem, Interessantem und Nützlichem über Laptops, Hard- und Software. Dieses WWW-Angebot ist relativ neu und wird stark wachsen. Nehmen Sie teil an der Entwicklung! Haben Sie/Du Ideen, dann kein Zögern: mail an info@rechner.org. Alles was den NORMA-Laptop betrifft, nützliche Software, Infos zu IPC, der NoName-Marke, die man nicht im Internet findet... die Konkurrenz von ALDI...PARTY ON!

Welcome to this new WWW-offer. Here you can find some interesting, useful stuff about Laptops and things you can do with them. Hopefully this site will grow much, but this is also depending on your participation. If you have any suggestions, tips, interesting software, what ever, don't hesitate to contact me, I will try to run this site up-to-date. The work is ongoing! Share your time with us!

Revision History
February 10 2010 The site was down for a while and I was too busy with other things to look after it. Still there were a number of requests especially from HP and IBM/Lenovo users plagued with that annoying "104-Unsupported Wireless Network Device" error message. Rechner.org, formerly laptop.de.cx, is now up again, the forum will follow soon.
September 7 2006 Howto added to modify a HP/Compaq Presario B1800 BIOS to solve the infamous error: 104-Unsupported wireless network device detected. System Halted. Remove device and restart. when trying to use a 3rd party MiniPCi 802.11b/g WiFi card. Modifying the BIOS Whitelist.
September 6 2006 New support area for Compaq Presario B1800 series of notebooks. Phoenix BIOS Crisis Recovery Disk with Firmware F.09 added. Phoenix BIOS Crisis Recovery Disk.
June 17 2004 Hardware related info added. CMOS battery replacement and new Jumper table. Thanks to rupp.de.
June 7 2004 Wow....almost 5 years ago that I started and "forgot" this website. A lot changed, but the old Norma laptop is still with me. And this is a good reason to revive TULC! :-)....
August 16 1999 Friday the 13....there is really something with these damned fridays... I planned to release this update friday (the 13.), but I forgot the disk!!! ...well, the news: Additions in the FAQqqquestions... and answers ;-), a software-update and small changes.
August 2 1999 As requested, I added two configuration files for Linux sound support to the FAQ.
July 18 1999 Well, it seems this website is getting serious after 3 months. That's quite good...it was made for this. And it is and it will be free! Enjoy it and of course help me with infos and messages in the Laptop-Forum or via e-mail. Thank you all!
New: The most wanted Jumper Settings!
July 04 1999
Yes, this site is still alive. Due to other things there was not much time to update TULC!, now I kicked my ass and...well, some new stuff. I added an FAQ. I think this could be a interesting point. Here I need your help. Send me your experiences, questions / answers...you know... I try to add it ASAP. And I've done some software updates.
...and some advertisement...mühsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen...
April 21 1999 New: TULC! is linked from Linux on Laptops and also reachable via some search engines.
Software updates and some internal changes.
April 19 1999 Added: software page: downloads available, CareFreeNavigation, No-Frames-version
Updated: Page layout/format
April 15 1999 Some internal changes.
Added: new structured links
April 13 1999 New cx-domain account is working. From now on you can find
The Ultimate Laptop Collection! at http://laptop.de.cx .
Linux on IPC: See the configuration tips.
April 12 1999 Settled basic structure.
Added: new graphics, hardware, software, forum, revision history
April 9 1999 First initial layout, basic structure.