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Well, to find a starting point, here is my configuration for the X-Window system. It is fine working on an linux installation based on the german DLD distribution maintained by Delix. It should work on almost all machines with a similar equipment like mine (see IPC Starnote). Short summary: graphic S3 Virge/MX M5+, 4MB, TFT screen 13.3", 1024x768. DLD is comparable to the RedHat distribution but with customisation for german language (and others).

Some points are important and should be considered. The normal setup of the X-Window system in the present version 3.3.2 (as used in popular distributions) will not work. You have to install at least the SVGA-server (XF86_SVGA) in version 3.3.3. It will support most of actual laptop graphic adapters. Have a look at your Linux distribution CD. There may be a folder with unsupported updates and if you're lucky, you find the latest X11 version there. Please have also a look at our FAQ.

Here is the way to install the DLD distribution from beginning (for insiders, I use the evaluation version 6.0 from german magazine PC-Online).

First: Install as usual, use the installation in X-Window (viper) when available. There will be only a limited standard-VGA resolution. So you don't have any problems in the moment. Try one of the offered installation possibilities. Make your choice for more or less needed program packages. Go through the hole installation procedure until end. Reboot.

Second:Log in as root. Don't try to start X-Window. It will hang. If necessary use CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE to kill the session. For the normal user without detailed UNIX knowledge it would be of great benefit to have the Midnight Commander (MC) package installed (o.k., no click, copy & paste and blue (have to reboot) screen, God bless the old Norton Commander!). Start MC with "mc".

Third: Maneuver to your CD-ROM. If correct installed you should find it at /cdrom (if the folder is empty try "mount /cdrom"). Go to /cdrom/delix/unsupported. Now there is only one simple thing you have to do. Type "rpm -Uh XFree86*.rpm". (You have to be logged in as root). Everything will be updated according to your previous installation. Don't worry, it is possible to remove unnecessary stuff later on.

Fourth:Start the DLD-tool dldadmin to configure the X-server (XF86_SVGA), then use ConfigXF86 or XF86config to configure your X11-enviroment. Alternative you can do it by hand (wow...hardcore-hacker) or you can use my XF86Config file. Save it, rename it to XF86Config and put it into your /etc directory. Well...now try to start your X-Window system by typing "startx".